Ten Dictums of UXD

Ten Dictums of User Experience Design

Once upon a time, while strolling through the Japanese Gardens in Portland, Oregon, I made a wonderful discovery. And all of a sudden around a bend in the path I discovered the lost “Ten Dictums of … More…

Why agencies should outsource back-end development

If you run an advertising agency or design firm, or manage an agency creative or production department, you’re undoubtedly finding that most of your deliverables now are digital marketing elements. Welcome to the new reality. As … More…

Perry Fair

Small agencies must get on the UX bandwagon

Many agencies are new to the user experience design party. UXD has been practiced at large corporations for nearly two decades now. Large digital specialist agencies incorporate UXD best practices as part of their core service … More…

Developing a new iPad app to help seniors

While visiting my mom last year I discovered a recurring monthly $25 charge on her credit card statement that she couldn’t explain. (At the time she was living alone in her own apartment — fortunately she now lives with my sister and her family.) After hours of trying help mom remember what the fee was for and researching where the charge was coming from, I figured out that she had signed up for a “free” credit report which was now costing her $25 a month.

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