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Gartner Digital Marketing Conference

I wrote an in-depth blog post covering many details of the sessions I attended at the 2017 Gartner Digital Marketing Conference in May. That blog is published on the Callahan Creek website, so please take a look. … More…

Is content curation fair use under copyright law?

Individuals reposting content from other websites on via Facebook, Twitter or other social media is so common today that it’s hardly every questioned whether or not these actions infringe on an original author’s, photographer’s or artist’s copyright. In fact, businesses love it when consumers repost their content — this is the kind of word-of-mouth advertising that’s worth its weight in gold. But in fact, copyright laws, if interpreted in the strictest sense, might appear to outlaw many of these content sharing practices. And it gets a lot murkier when businesses share others individuals’ or businesses’ content.

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