How to work with transparent images

Because GIF and PNG images can have transparent backgrounds, it is possible to place them on a colored background or over a background image on a web page so the background shows through. (Read more about images that allow transparency in Which image file type is best.). However, placing a COB photo (“cut out background” or “cut out of background”) or other irregular-shaped image over a background can be difficult.

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ATM door teaches importance of good UXD

Since your website is typically your most important marketing communications asset, it pays to focus on delivering the best possible user experience. User experience (UX) design has become a core discipline in web development. And rightly so, because despite our best efforts to predict how people will use our sites, it is very hard to do. That’s because the moment we know what a button should do, we can no longer view it from the perspective of someone who has no preconceived notion.

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