Simple usability testing can save a brand

Well, it happened again – the same thing that happens every time any digital product is put through usability testing. We found out that the people designing the thing (people who know exactly what it’s supposed to do and how it’s supposed to work) are not the same as the people actually using the thing. And the people who are supposed to use the thing don’t get it. And because they don’t get it, they have three options for how they might respond.

Avoid the seven deadly content mistakes

This post is for non-technical people who manage web content. It will help you avoid some of the most common problems related to website content. Mistake #1: “I’m finished with my website” By far the biggest mistake with website content … More…

User experience design has critical impact

I recently completed the Rutgers University Advanced Technology Extension Masters Certificate Program in User Experience (UX) design. Kudos to Rutgers for taking the lead with this program. Bear with me while I give some brief background on UX design, because I’ll quickly get to why it’s critical to your brand.What is UX design?User experience design comprises the “…creation of the architecture and interaction models that affect user experience of a device or system.

How to choose the best image file type?

All web images must be JPEG (.jpg), GIF (.gif) or PNG (.png) file formats, and must be RGB color mode (not CMYK like print images). TIF, EPS, PSD, BMP and other file types will not display in a web browser. … More…