Photoshop Save For Web dialog

How to optimize images for the web

“Optimizing web images” means striving to achieve the optimum quality (best looking) and the optimum download speed (smallest file size) at the same time. This is challenging because best looking and smallest file size¬†work directly against … More…

Free Axure Starter File with Bootstrap Grids

About four years ago I wrote a post promoting the idea of starting a new Axure project using the 960 grid system. The idea was to use a grid to keep the prototype nice and neat, and also to use a 960 pixel wide work space to ensure the prototype would fit on a typical laptop screen without left and right scrolling. Well, four years is a long time in technology land and so I’m offering an updated point of view here, along with a free Axure starter file.

More…Free Axure Starter File with Bootstrap Grids

With Machines Through Machines To Machines

Gartner Digital Marketing Conference

I wrote an in-depth blog post covering many details¬†of the sessions I attended at the 2017 Gartner Digital Marketing Conference in May. That blog is published on the Callahan Creek website, so please take a look. … More…