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Agency UXD Book

I’m in the process of writing a book on how to incorporate user experience design best practices in small to mid-size advertising agencies and design shops. Based on what I’ve seen, a lot of those organizations are late the the UX party. It’s time to catch up to the big digital shops who have been practicing UX design for many years.

A couple years ago I earned a certificate in user experience design from the Rutgers University Advanced Technology Extension. (I highly recommend their fine program to anyone interested.) What struck me at the time was how few agency people were in attendance. The students mainly represented large national or multi-national companies that build and maintain their own online presence for customer service or e-commerce. This should be a wake-up call for agency people who want to stay relevant in the modern business environment. How can we add value to clients who are way ahead of us in UX disciplines, when making digital products is more and more what agencies are all about?

I can’t give you a publication date yet but if you are interested in the book, please submit the form and I’ll send you notification when the book is published and how to get a copy.

Here’s the planned table of contents:

book-uprightChapter 1: What is User Experience Design?
Chapter 2: Why you (and your clients) need UXD
Chapter 3: Introducing UXD into the agency process
Chapter 4: Contextual Inquiry
Chapter 5: Personas
Chapter 6: Information Architecture
Chapter 7: Prototyping
Chapter 8: Heuristic Evaluation
Chapter 9: Usability testing
Chapter 10: Guiding principles: Ten Dictums of UXD
Chapter 11: Particular agency challenges
Chapter 12: Common mistakes
Chapter 13: Staffing for UXD/What kind of people are best suited
Chapter 14: Resources


You’ll get a flavor for a lot of the subject matter by reading my blog. I’d love to hear your comments on any post.


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